Football club BATE (Borisov, Belarus): History of the club
All games with the BATE participation. Season 2008/2009

All matches of the BATE in the Cup of Belarus-2008/09
1/16 of Final.

Neman (Mosty, D3) - BATE - 3:7 (1:5).
07.09.2008. Mosty. 2000 spectators.
BATE: Hutar, Khagush, Pecha (Kazantsev, 58), Sosnovsky, Yurevich, Sivakou, Yermakovich (Dekanosidze, 58), Zhaunerchyk (Skavysh, 58), Blizniuk, Nekhaichyk (Radevich, 46), Mirchev (Viskushenko, 75).
GOALS: 0:1 Ч Nekhaichyk.
0:2 Ч Blizniuk.
0:3 Ч Zhaunerchyk (35).
0:4 Ч Mirchev (38).
0:5 Ч Mirchev.
1:5 Ч (43).
1:6 Ч Sivakou.
1:7 Ч Mirchev.
2:7 Ч (79).
3:7 Ч (92+, p).

1/8 of Final. First leg.
BATE - Minsk (D2) - 1:4 (0:3).
11.10.2008. Borisov. 2500 spectators.
BATE: ј.Hutar, A.Khagush (V.Mirchev, 75), V.Rzhevskiy, I.Pecha, V.Kazantsev, P.Nekhaichyk, D.Likhtarovich, D.Baha (A.Viskushenko, 43), A.Yurevich, G.Blizniuk, M.Skavysh (A.Selyava, 72).
GOALS: 0:1 - (20, p), 0:2 - (21), 0:3 - (37), 1:3 - P.Nekhaichyk (47), 1:4 - (73).
1:3 - P.Nekhaichyk (47).

1/8 of Final. Second leg.
Minsk - BATE - 1:4 (0:1).
Pen. - 3:4.

20.11.2008. Minsk. 1000 spectators.
BATE: A.Hutar, A.Khagush, V.Kazantsev, S.Sosnovsky, A.Yurevich, I.Stasevich, D.Likhtarovich (V.Mirchev, 120), A.Valadzko (P.Nekhaichyk, 58), M.Sivakou (G.Blizniuk, 50), A.Valadzko, V.Rodionov.
GOALS: 0:1 - V.Rodionov (45), 0:2 - S.Krivets (72), 0:3 - S.Krivets (75), 1:3 - (87), 1:4 - G.Blizniuk (93+).
0:1 - V.Rodionov (45).
0:2 - S.Krivets (72).
0:3 - S.Krivets (75).
1:4 - G.Blizniuk (93+).

Quarter Final. First leg.
BATE - Vitebsk - 1:0 (0:0).
15.03.2009. Minsk. 1300 spectators.
BATE: S.Veremko, M.Bordachev, I.Shitov, S.Sosnovsky, A.Yurevich, P.Nekhaichyk, D.Likhtarovich (A.Pavlov, 69), A.Valadzko, I.Stasevich (M.Skavysh, 83), S.Krivets, O.Goaryan (V.Bulyga, 53).
GOAL: 1:0 - V.Bulyga (66).

Quarter Final. Second leg.
Vitebsk - BATE - 1:1 (0:0).
21.03.2009. Vitebsk. 1500 spectators.
BATE: S.Veremko, M.Bordachev, I.Shitov, S.Sosnovsky, A.Yurevich, P.Nekhaichyk (M.Skavysh, 55), D.Likhtarovich (A.Pavlov, 68), A.Valadzko, I.Stasevich, S.Krivets, V.Bulyga (Y.Ostroukh, 91+).
GOALS: 0:1 - S.Krivets (67), 1:1 - (82).
0:1 - S.Krivets (67).

Semi Final. Ffirst leg.
Naftan (Novopolotsk) Ч BATE Ч 1:0 (0:0)
09.04.2009. Novopolotsk. 4000 spectators.
BATE: S.Veremko, M.Bordachev, I.Shitov, S.Sosnovsky, A.Yurevich, P.Nekhaichyk (ј.Hutar, 19), D.Likhtarovich (A.Pavlov, 56), A.Valadzko, I.Stasevich, S.Krivets, V.Bulyga (ћ.Skavysh, 76).
GOAL: 1:0 Ч (89, p).
R.card: S.Veremko (17).

First semifinal leg in Novopolotsk turned out to be a one-goal game. Unfortunately, the only success was not for BATE Borisov. In spite of troublesome beginning, away team deserved a win. But it was a Naftan boy Filip Rudik who managed to net the only goal late in the second half.

BATE started well, delivering lots of dangerous attacks on the home goal. But the keeper Kovalevskiy did his job. No one could predict that one of the scarce Naftan efforts would make BATE goalkeeper Siarhey Veremko to play hands outside the penalty box. A few moments later he was sent off for a last hope foul.

However, Naftan did not seem to benefit from one man advantage. It was still BATE who led the game. The Yellow-Blue continued to press the opponent. Belarusian international in BATE squad Siarhey Krivets twice was about to grab an equalizer. First he hit the post with a strong shot, and on the 27th minute it was Kovalevski who showed his reaction to save after an ambitious Krivets effort. Unlike the home team, borisovites did not really have any tension in the defence.

The second half started with Naftan trying to show that they can also be dangerous. Gorbachev hit the crossbar with a long range shot. BATE answered with a series of attacks with Stasevich's cross being the most attractive. Igor found Siarhey Sosnovski's head in the box, but the defender did not manage to beat Kovalevskiy.

Another set piece by Stasevich caused panic in the Naftan's penalty area, but Krivets' header flew high. After that a good BATE counter attack turned out to be on vain when Pavlov's pass on Stasevich did not find the addressee.

On 80th minute Naftan had a good chance to score but Zuev missed the target. After that Valadzko's powerful shot from 16 meter line was blocked by Gintov and Krivets' strike was saved by defender Gorbachev. Naftan also had its chance when Trukhov fired from a free kick only for Aliaksandr Hutar to save it.

A goalles draw seemed to be the most probable result, but Naftan managed to make a difference during last minutes. After Pavlov and Degterev ran into each other in the penalty box, the referee whistled for the penalty and Filip Rudik converted the spot kick confidently. Nevertheless, everything will be decided in the second leg on April 22.

Semi Final. Second leg.
BATE - Naftan (Novopolotsk) - 0:2 (0:1).
22.04.2009. Borisov. 4500 spectators.
BATE: ј.Hutar, ј.Yurevich, ј.Radzkov, S.Sosnovsky, A.Yurevich, (P.Nekhaichyk, 46) , ј.Valadzko, D.Likhtarovich, S.Krivets, V.Bulyga (ћ.Skavysh, 46), I.Stasevich, ќ.Goaryan (A.Pavlov, 64).
GOALS: 0:1 Ч (32). 0:2 Ч (61).

Second year running BATE has to abandon the Belarusian Cup route. Last year it was MTZ-RIPO, who after all, won the trophy, managed to stop the reigning champions. Maybe that is the way for Naftan to follow, but Borisov fans do not care any more.

Another interesting moment is in the statistical data. In the national championship BATE played against Naftan 20 times, 16 of them were won by the Borisovites, the rest ended in a draw. The first two fixtures in the Cup brought in two vulnerable losses.

In the second leg line-up Artyom Radzkov appeared. 23-year old defender has healed his injury, played for the reserves and now finally, entered the starting eleven instead of disqualified Igor Shitov. Another new face belonged to goalkeeper Aliaksandar Hutar. He took the place of first choice goalkeeper Siarhey Veremko who was sent off in the first leg. Ogannes Goarian was also there as a striker, which made Bulyga move to playmaker position and Krivets moved to the right flank.

The first chance for Naftan happened on the 2nd minute when Stripeikis shot dangerously after Razumov pass. Borisovites answered with a good combination. Bulyga received a pass from Krivets and shot well, but Gorbachev saved the guests.
Then it was Krivets who scored from an off side position. And Goarian had two chances: first he tried to find the net with a soft shot, and then tried out an acrobatic effort, but all in vain.

Naftan did not rely only on defence. And on 31th minute they made everything very difficult for the home team. Rudic crossed from the right, then Razumov gave the ball to Trukhov who found the back of the net.

During the brake Viktor Gancharenko made two substitutes Bulyga and Bordachev went away and Skavysh and Nekhaychik appeared. But it did not really help. And Naftan created a few more chances. Rudik hit the crossbar and then Stasevich made a crucial mistake. His pass was too inaccurate and Razumov together with Stripeikis created the second goal.

In the remaining minutes Naftan had even more chances to score than BATE. But Degterev and Zuev (twice) did not manage to score as well as Krivets.


414: 10.06.2006.  BATE - Naftan 4:2.
Ч I would like to thank my guys for their outrageous play. I know our win was not expected and even not to much people wanted to see Naftan in the final. But we came here to win and played with two strikers. My players are real men. And we will try to prove it in the final. Komarovski was disqualified and Zuev did not manage to start due to family reasons. And today we showed about 70 per cent of what I would like to see.


Ч It was a fair result. I can name a bunchfull of reasons why we lost. But I am not going to do that now. Sometimes it seems that we are doomed in every cup edition. Now we are to forget this loss and to go on. We had to substitute two players in the brake to make the game a little bit quicker.

—пасибо за помощь


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